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Not your Grandma's customer service, but it SHOULD be

I worked for the large plumbing companies for many years, however, the tactics used to up-sell customers and the extra fees went against my moral upbringing.  So, what do you do when faced with working for companies that go against your true nature?

Well, I made the choice and started my own Plumbing business.  Just seemed like the right thing to do.

I remember growing up and seeing how my grandparents and great-grandparents interacted with local merchants, it wasn't like how it is today.  Back then it didn't seem like we were going to the local bakery to get bread or pastries, but it was like going to a friends house.  The owners always new my grandparents name and it was never "what may I get you and that will be $6.95, Thank you and come again".  There was always a my,  Patrick is getting so big, then they would look at me and ask, "how's the learning how to ride a bike going?  Your grandpa said you took a big spill last week".  It was never rushed and always with a very personal touch.  You would leave feeling like you just had a visit with an old friend...because, that is exactly what you were to the Owners.

Somewhere along the way Corporate America changed and started writing manuals on how to give great customer service.  That is where we lost our way, in my opinion...if you have to read a book on how to give good customer service then perhaps you should work in a position that doesn't require customer service.

Great customer service is as easy as treating people like they are your family.  It's as simple as that, and that is how I want to run my business.  I want to be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that I make my grandparents proud.

Well that's my two cents...until next time,

I'm Pat