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Toilet Overflow - The 5 stages of Panic

Stage 1:

Oh no, the toilet didn't flush and the water is rising! No worries, I'm just going to jiggle the handle, that will make it go down.

Stage 2:

Oh NO, that didn't work!  It's not stopping!  I'll just jiggle the handle a little harder, that will make it stop!

Stage 3:

Panic Mode, you start clearing off the back of the toilet to remove the toilet bowl cover and fiddle with the flusher thingy inside the toilet.

Stage 4:

Didn't work, OH CRAP! Water is almost out of the toilet by now...oh YEAH, turn the water off!  Now is that lefty tighty, righty losey...NO NO lefty losey, righty tighty! 

Stage 5:

Finally!  OH Gross!!  I have toilet water all over my feet!

Hope you guys enjoyed!  It's you versus the toilet bowl...I hope you always WIN!

Originally shared on Merchant Circle Blog
5 stages of Toilet overflow Panic! http://ping.fm/u7RUx